Business Manager

Accounts Receivable Financing (Business Manager)
Get next day cash for accounts receivable invoices

How does Business Manager Work?

We purchase your accounts receivable at a discount, and then deposit most of these funds directly into your operating account. A cash reserve account will also be established as a percentage of your invoices that are outstanding. Each month, the bank reviews the status of invoice payments, and then releases a portion of those funds to your operating account.

Why Use Business Manager?

  • Improve the amount and predictability of your cash flow...and reduce stress from “slow paying” customers

  • Take advantage of supplier discounts

  • Provide more competitive credit terms to your customers

  • Leverage your cash and reduce your balance sheet debt


Who should use Business Manager?

Business to business companies such as:

  • Trucking

  • Building materials and services

  • Business services

  • Electrical/Heating & Cooling

  • Commercial Contractors

  • Manufacturing

  • Wholesale distributors



Contact a Business Banker at 320-257-1600 to learn how Business Manager
may benefit your growing business