Making the Switch to BankVista has Never Been Easier!

1) Open your new BankVista account.

Stop by BankVista to open your new account. Make note of your account number and BankVista’s routing number. They come in helpful later!

2) Stop using your old account.

Let all your checks clear. Bring any unused checks, deposit slips, ATM and debit cards to BankVista, we’ll destroy them for you! Then balance your old account. Complete the Reconciliation Form and be sure to keep it for you records.

3) Change Direct Deposit.

Authorize BankVista as your new bank for Direct Deposits. Complete the Direct Deposit/Automatic Payment Switch Form, using the account number and routing number from step one. You may also uses this form anytime you want to set up a new direct deposit to your accounts at BankVista.

4) Change Your Automatic Payments.

Authorize BankVista as your new bank for automatic payments. Use this form to change any loan payments, insurance payments, membership dues, automatic investments, or any other payment that are currently automatically deducted from your accounts. Complete the form using the account number and routing number from step one. Depending on when the form is sent, it may take two billing cycles for the change to be processed.

5) Close your old account.

Once all of your deposits or withdrawals and automatic payments/deposits have cleared your old checking account, complete the Account Closing Form letter and mail it to your previous financial institution to notify them of your decision to close your account(s). Your former bank will then send you a check for any remaining balance.


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